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START – Cataclysm rips the world asunder, spilling the infernal into the mortal realm

  • D-The Nameless One is birthed into reality by feeding upon the disbelief of a non-magical world
  • D-Demonic cultists try to summon their lord into the mortal realm, leading to the cataclysm through arcane ritual.

L-Native deities aid the mortals resisting the infernal intrusion, in order to protect their domains

  • D-Deity-led mortal army first and only push into demon lands falls apart when the demon Belial slays the deities Vishnu, Artemis, and Athena.
  • D-KeLe: In order to protect wildlife from the ravaging of war, he transplanted the fertile land to a distant locale, leaving behind barren land where the mortals struggle to survive.

D-Massive angel counter-attack wreaks havoc on already war-torn areas

  • D-Sentries of the angel forces report on the massive energy released by the ritual, alerting Lucifer to the fact that a new front in the eternal war has been opened.
  • D-Angels raze miles of mortal lands surrounding the site of demonic intrusion in an attempt to control the demonic forces, killing tens of thousands of innocent mortals in the process.
  • L-The Nameless One is banished by angels until a decedent of Freyja is sacrificed again.
  • L-Group of warriors from the city of Celsior discover the physical remains of The Nameless One in the crater remains of Chard, and take them back to the city.
  • D-Relifacts are created in secret from the bones of the Nameless One.
  • D-The angel Ambriel purges the city of Palacia of its mortal residents on suspicion of harboring demonic influence.

D-Mortals wage war on the angelic hosts

  • D-United force of kingdoms enact a draft to fill out their forces
  • L-During the battle on the plains of Angmar, the united kingdom forces were nearly destroyed until orc warbands came down from the mountains and drove off the angelic forces.
  • L-Sulnari, the genderless class of mortals, are discovered to be more resistant to both angelic and demonic influence, and used shock troop in the war against the angels.
  • L-Traitorous angel Pieta betrays the angels, allowing the demons to breach into the angelic plane.

L-Magic is discovered and saves mortals from extinction

  • L-Scholars begin dissecting the remains of The Nameless One in order to better understand their enemy.
  • L-The intelligentsia of the all the kingdoms come together and come up with a working theory of magic.
  • D-Rogue arcanists experiment on humans and eventually unite as “The Chimerans”
  • L-The Aegis Cabal utilizes magic to defend the city of Celsior against a demonic warband, leading to the first major defensive victory for the mortals.
  • D-Angels frown upon the weaponized use of magic and cut off diplomatic ties with the mortal kingdoms.
  • D-To prevent mortals from utilizing magic to its full potential, an unknown group altered the arcane working of spells to require blood as a component.
  • L-Intelligentsia discover that an alliance of angels and demons, “The Tribunal”, were the ones responsible for altering magic to require mortal blood.
  • D-Enterprising mortals create slave camps to provide blood to magic users.
  • D-Chimerans gather and mass-sacrifice mortals and animals from around the continents, creating the blood god Khorne from the entrails and offal.
  • D-In secret, the intelligentsia begin developing magical weapons that have potential for mass destruction.
  • D-Angels steal the weapon of mass destruction which they realize has the potential to remove a plane from existence.

D-Unaligned Deities carve out lands of their own to rule

  • D-Boradin exiles his half-brother Robalash from Boradin’s realms, threatening to slay him if he returned.
  • L-Attempting to increase the number of his worshippers, Boradin wakes the dwarves from their underground slumber.
  • D-Gol-Wog flushes the demons out of the Hell’s Head mountains with floods of ichor welling up, driving the demons onto human lands.
  • L-Odin raises an army of mortals and sacs the holy city of Palacia, slaying the Archangel Ambriel and claims the city for their own.
  • D-Deity Robalash creates gnomes out of rodents in the Festering Hills.
  • D-Rabalash kidnaps all available angels and demons that he can capture, and uses them to breed a race of half-gnome, half angel or demon creatures.
  • D-Deity Robalash takes his revenge on his brother Boradin when his army of gnome hybrids overruns his main temple, killing Boradin under a tide of gnomeflesh.

D-Second Great Cataclysm Caused when Angelic Plane is Cut off From the Mortal Plane, Creating Chaotic Vortices as Every Angel on the Mortal Plane is Destroyed

  • L-Sulnari are promoted to a ruling class in many kingdoms due to the fact that they have developed immunity to angelic and demonic magics.
  • D-In a last-ditch effort to take out as many demons as possible, angels unleash the weapon of mass destruction Thanotesseract on the angelic plane, but it only served to sever the ties with the mortal plane, not wipe out the demons.
  • D-While angelic hosts are reeling from the cataclysm Demonic invasion captures angelic capitol city “Paradise” and enslave the angels.
  • D-While angelic hosts are reeling from the cataclysm Demonic invasion captures angelic capitol city “Paradise” and enslave the angels.
  • L-Long-lost mountain-high metal city of Ulgaresh uncovered in the tectonic shifting of the cataclysm, revealing mass angelic graves.

L-Demons on the mortal plane begin the competing with the unaligned deities for their portfolios, creating a second pantheon

  • D-Small faction of demons take the dwarven homelands deep underground and call themselves “The Infernal”.
  • D-Mortal denizens of LaVegas die from exhaustion in a mass death orgy, elevating the demon Slaanesh to godhood.

D-Humanity has abandoned the continents to live in drifting colonies on the oceans

  • L-The Nameless One is resurrected as the savior of the mortals in a time of chaos, and his former deeds have been long forgotten.

D-The Nameless one convinces the kings of the mortal realms to flee to the seas

  • L-Individuals who refuse to abandon the continents form their own kingdom of Durst.
  • D-Seafaring mortal kingdoms discover a race of frightening sea dragons.
  • L-Sea dragons teach the mortals the worship of Orin (once a mortal of unknown origin), god of the seas, so that they can build stable floating cities.

L- Mortals abandon worship of The Nameless One in favor of other deities and return to the continents

  • L-Mortals rediscover texts explaining the nature of the Nameless One, and name him as Abbadon the Despoiler, causing the kingdoms to banish all of his clergy.
  • L-Illyria, the last descendent of Freyja, sacrifices herself, removing the taint of blood magic from the world.
  • L-Mortal kings cooperate to build a giant fleet of warships to retake the land from demonic and divine forces.
  • D-Seafaring kingdoms return to the continents to find that the men of Durst and animals forsaken on the continents have mutated into aberrations in the last hundreds of years.
  • D-Mortals discover that at night beings of shadow roam the land, stealing souls and preventing all revitalization, and created from the shadow-god Kroz.
  • L-Durst is ruled by Demon known as “The Coin of Durst”, offering anything imaginable for sale.
  • L-Mortal warfleet surprises demon-held city of Cacooo, easily capturing it and establishing it as a beachhead.

L-Mortals re-establish foothold on the continents and begin campaign to drive out demons

  • D-The ruling councils of Durst and surrounding kingdoms vow to purge the invading “mutant” mortals from their lands.
  • D-After landing on the continents, the mortal alliance falls to infighting, and is dissolved.
  • L-The Kingdom of Gridania retakes the city of Kelt establishing the first human capitol on the continent since departing for the seas.
  • L-Kingdom of Gridania fights for peace among mortals on the continents, and tries to unite all the mortal races. Rumors of Gridania’s intentions for a great empire spread.
  • D-Host of demons descends upon Kingdom of Gridania in response to the rumors of their ambition, wiping the nation from the land. Only one survivor from the invasion remains, a small human girl hiding in the corpse of her mother.

END – Mortals join into a single great nation

  • L-Volstroya, queen of the united kingdoms, holds power by scrying the past, and reading into the causes of things.
  • L-The Queen Volstroya forges a peace treaty between mortals and demons, opening all three planes to cohabitation, starting an angelic slave trade.
  • L-The remaining free angels frequently raid slave houses to free enslaved angels.
  • L-Human noble Bartolome purchases his first angelic slave, Lucifer, who proceeds to convince him of the evils of slavery, beginning the angelic abolition movement.
  • D-After discovering a crater, in Vinmark Mountains, archaeologists uncover a device with angelic writing scrawled across it.

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